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Pick Modeller

'time to think smarter about warehouse productivity'

Pick Modeller

Pick Modeller improves resourcing decisions by accurately working out how long each assignment should take

It analyses the warehouse layout showing which products need to be moved

Pick Modeller motivates your picking team with accurate targets and regular feedback on performance

Accurately works out how long each assignment should take

Pick Modeller takes a stream of data from your warehouse management system and maps each picking assignment against a software model of your facility.

It calculates order fulfillment times based upon distances traveled, items picked, handling units used etc. to provide a unique insight into a shifts workload

Analyses the warehouse layout showing which products need to be moved

It analyses which product are being picked over time and assesses the suitability of thier location.  80% of your workload will be coming from less than 20% of your product base. Strategically locating these products can cut wasteful travel time by up to 30%

 Motivates your picking team with accurate targets and regular feedback on performance

Pick Modeller takes data from your scanning / voice pick system and compares it for each individual against the assignment target
The picking team is measured against an accurate target not, hard to justify, average pick rates.

 How Will Pick Modeller Make   A Difference

Plan your resource

Pick Modeller will calculate the resource you require to fulfil a picking batch. Use this to plan your teams hours, plan the use of agency workers and avoid costly overtime
Use the trend data to look at long term shift and rota patterns to ensure your operation delivers service where required at the lowest possible cost

Understand your workload

Many distribution facilities find it hard to demonstrate to the business their true performance when the nature of orders change. Increased pressure to pick smaller quantities more frequently can have a disproportionate impact on costs. Pick Modeller tracks trends and helps explain the costs

Transparent performance managment

With Pick Modeller you will have all the tools to measure and manage your teams performance. Pick Modeller will become central to your performance management process
As part of implementation we will train your management team how to professionally manage individual performance

Manage your warehouse layout

Product location is key to reducing expensive and wasteful travel time. Pick Modeller constantly monitors each SKU, analysing pick frequency and volume against a pre-determined layout strategy. It will report problem SKU's allowing for constant review and improvement.

Kaizan in the warehouse

The biggest productivity improvements come not from making your team work harder but from improving process. Pick Modeller helps you understand the blockages in your operation. We will teach your team to work on these process problems to eradicate waste and save money

Unrivalled reporting

Pick Modeller has a rich reporting base that will give you and your team all the information and insight required to make informed decisions and take out significant cost from your operation